Gideon Oberson Swimwear

Gideon Oberson is a name that immediately is recognizable with swimwear fans, and represents a brand that is often classed as one of the most famous designers in swimsuits and bikinis today. So how did this designer become so famous and why is their work so well regarded?

A Short History Of Gideon Oberson

The namesake of the brand began his career as a designer for Gottex, perhaps the world's best designer of fashion swimwear. Mr Oberson was born in Vicenza, Italy and moved to Paris to study fashion and design before working with some of the most respected names in clothing design. Gottex is perhaps Oberson's best known partner and his work for them has been astounding, helping to take Gottex to the dizzying heights they enjoy today. Now living in Israel and having worked closely with Gottex for a number of years, Gideon Oberson is creating his own line up and finally releasing his own swimwear designs entirely by himself under his own label. This is always an exciting time for an ambitious designer, as they always tend to do really well with their solo career. They have complete artistic freedom with their own range, something that is not always possible when you are working alongside many other designers at such a large fashion house as Gottex Swimwear. Now Gideon Oberson swimwear is able to really spread its wings and. So what is their range all about exactly? Let's take a closer look at some of the wonderful items they are releasing and see if they are right for you.

What Can you expect from Gideon Oberon Swimwear?

The range is both varied and high quality, bringing choice and excellence together like never before. They have a wonderful pedigree from the days of working with Gottex and therefore their fashion is as stunning and as beautiful as can be. But more than just inheriting a certain stylish approach from Gottex, Gideon Oberson are also very dynamic and inventive, going for the more unconventional designs. This is often the case with brands that are set up after a long tenure working with other established fashion houses. The excitement and inspiration that comes with setting up your own brand and also having experience marries together to make an incredible overall designer.

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