Feraud Paris

Feraud Paradise Pink Bandeau Bikini


Available Sizes:
10, 12, 16

Feraud is a name that many have heard of and one that also really tells you exactly what you are in for. A Parisian name for one of Paris' finest swimwear designers. They are among the best we have ever sold when it come sto fashion bikinis and Feraud swimwear really brings the haute couture quality of Parisian fashion to your own beachwear collection. So what is their range like? Why is it so highly regarded? What are you in for when you buy one of their wonderful items? Let's take a quick look.

Feraud Swimwear Range

Feraud swimwear is very much made with the same ethos that other designers in their city hold dear. Most of their bikinis and swimsuits are simple and elegant, and thus, timeless. They are designed on the principles of the little black dress, or if you prefer something more ostentatious, and elegant ball gowns. They are simple and yet versatile, looking great this season and the next, never failing to impress. It is these timeless pieces that always seem to look great, no matter the occasion, or even get better with each season thanks to them being enshrined in the history of fashion swimwear even more. Feraud swimwear is designed with unrivaled quality in mind and their work stands among our most luxurious of swimwear products we have ever seen or tried.

What Makes Feraud Swimwear And Their Fashion Swimwear So Great?

Their fashion swimwear is, of course, the pinnacle of their range. It is gorgoeusly designed, full of beauty and classic charm, and extremely well made, like all Parisian clothing is. Making in Paris also has its advantages, like beign able to see the latest trends with every jaunt down the road you take. Whether it is in the windows or on the people on the streets, there is inspiration to be found anywhere and everywhere. And of course, there is more practical issues, such as sourcing the right materials. Feraud swimwear is better thanks to being exposed to the materials that are found in each of the smaller workshops that invariably exist in the big cities. They get to try all the newwest and most innovative blends and synthetic fabrics first and being at the epicentre of fashion makes all of this possible. So if you want cutting edge and gorgoeus fashion swimsuits with the most stunning and timeless looks, you know where to start. IF you want fashion bikinis could be seen on a Hollywood starlet in 1930 and in the current year with the same dazzling effect, look no further than Feraud.

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