Clover Lewis Swimwear

Breast cancer has always been, and will continue to be, a very difficult topic for women to deal with, and many feel held back by this in their own life, and believe they can no longer look or feel sexy in a swimsuit.

While this problem has been dealt with by using mastectomy swimsuits, many of these brands are unflattering, and only deal with the problem of post surgery on a technical level, rather than a physical one. However many brands, such as Clover Lewis, whose inspirational story about her dealings with breast cancer fuelled this push for the idea of having swimwear that is both comfortable and stylish for post operation women, provides a unique and gorgeous look for women, who are seeking to tell the world that they are beautiful, no matter what.

The Clover Lewis Range

Clover Lewis instantly shows this, particularly their Olympians Rule brand, which provides breast cancer survivors with complimentary features such as bust support with adjustable straps, with well made Italian fabrics that, along with UV protection, also allow for tummy control, to highlight their beautiful figure whilst also providing comfort with the soft opaque lining. These features are appealing to women of all ages who are facing the issue of looking both stunning yet staying comfortable post-mastectomy.

The greatest aspects of Clover Lewis do not end on a physical level, as the supporting bra shelf combined with the non-chafing seam and the smooth cups in the breast allow for an incredibly relaxing fit, which never sacrifices comfort for looks. Other mastectomy based products would otherwise do. These comforting features for women in the post operation stage is simply one of the many reasons for why this brand has won several awards, including first mastectomy brand to appear in British Vogue, and the UK Lingerie Awards winner in 2015.

The Clover Lewis Story

The inspirational story behind the stunning brand only add to the swimsuits' appeal. Named after their chief designer, Clover Lewis is a breast cancer survivor who felt that many of the mastectomy swimsuits would not appeal to her and others who were more fashion orientated, and that a brand needed to be made for fashionistas who had dealt with this difficult period in their life and could wear with both comfort and confidence. This brand easily provides, by offering styles ranging from the more simplistic and straightforward one and 2 piece high rise bikinis, to their more elaborate yet attractive designs, such as the halter neck bikinis.

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