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Achieving body confidence in a bikini has nothing to do with crash dieting, plastic surgery or extreme exercise regimes. A quality, well-fitting bikini which suits your body type, should support you without creating lumps and bumps. Here we will go over the points to look for in the quality and fit. If you need advice choosing the perfect style, check out our blog posts on choosing the best bikini tops and bikini bottoms to suit your body type.

How To Choose A Quality Bikini?

A quality bikini should be lined. Lining masks imperfections when the bikini is dry and prevents it from becoming see-through when it's wet. Cheap linings can become baggy over time but this is not something you will see in a quality brand. Bikinis offer many different support options. Whether you choose moulded cups, underwires or any other form, it should be firm, not flimsy and last the lifetime of your bikini. Seams should be sewn so that threads do not snap when stretched. Print placement should be consistent in every size. For example, a bikini has a floral print in the centre of the cups, the print should appear in the same place whether you pick up a size 10 or size 16 in that style. Clasps or components should be made of metal, not plastic.

How To Ensure A Bikini Fits Well

A quality, reputable swimwear brand usually invests a great deal into making sure the sizing of their bikinis is accurate. If you buy from a reputable brand, you should be confident in the consistency of their sizing. You should measure yourself before each time buying a bikini just as you should when buying a bra. For advice on how to measure yourself properly, read our lingerie fitting guide. Your silhouette should be smooth when your bikini fits properly. An ill-fitting bikini can result in unsightly bulges either side of the seams. It is worth spending a few minutes to measure yourself properly before you invest in a new one. There are differences between countries when it comes to swimwear sizes. Italian and Spanish brands tend to run small, whilst German sizing is often generous. It is worth noting where your chosen bikini brand is from so that you know whether to size up or down accordingly.

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