Moulded Bikini Tops

Rosch Butterfly Garden Bikini


Available Sizes:
UK 10, UK 14, UK 16


Aubade Fleur Tropicale Moulded Push Up Bikini Top


Available Sizes:
32 C Cup, 36 C Cup, 32 D Cup, 34 D Cup, 36 D Cup

Bleu-Eden Green-Paon
Moulded bikinis are one of the best selling and most popular types of swimwear or sportswear in the world. Among our brands, we can't think of a single one that doesn't have a few moulded bikinis in their range, as they are so vital to a successful swimwear range. Like the colour red for a sports car, or vanilla for ice cream, they are a feature and option of swimwear that a designer just cant go without, so what are these items and why are they so magical?

What Is a Moulded Bikini?

A moulded bikini is a bikini where the cups are preformed to a certain shape. You have probably seen them many times as they are very popular and common in everyday bras. The cups of this type of item are not like regular fabric, but instead form a semi spherical shape. They hold this shape and remain structured and supported, in a kind of dome shape. Moulded bikinis rarely use wiring or anything as rigid as that to achieve their shape like corsets do. Instead, they are made by shaping the material over a mould and pressurizing and heating it. This forms a shell that retains its shape very well. But moulded bikinis are not hard or rigid. Most of the time, they are made from shaped foam or other soft padding.

Why Should I Wear A Moulded Bikini?

Although a lot of people immediately think of padding when they hear the name of this type of swimwear, it is not always the case that you buy them for adding a little extra volume. The chief reason is that they sit beautifully and that they cradle your bust expertly. This positions your bust better of course, which is very flattering, but does not necessarily make it look bigger. Many moulded bikinis are also padded bikinis as well though. There are those women who want to make the most of their figure, so a moulded bikini with padding is a great choice. It lifts and supports you whilst adding a little extra layer of foam, usually under the bust, that pushes you up further and gives the illusion of a fuller cup.

How Comfortable Is A Moulded Bikini?

The great news is that this type of swimwear is just as comfortable as any other. Most people associated moulded bikinis with underwired bikinis in this regard, and that is understandable, as the wiring offers further support and many designers use both. But they don't have to come together in the same package.

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