Bandeau Bikinis

Also known as a bandeaukini, bandeau bikinis are strapless and have nothing covering the shoulders. They can either fasten at the front or back and sit well on your body without the need for straps over the shoulders. While a strapless bandeau bikini is usually perfect, most come with detachable halter-neck straps. These optional straps typically attach to hidden hooks at the front of the bikini and tie together at the back of the neck, much like a triangle bikini. Of course, a bandeau bikini can be worn like this all the time for added security but removing them, minimises unsightly tan lines.

The History of the Bandeau Bikini

Women really only became brave enough to start wearing two piece bandeau bathing outfits in the 1940's. Its popularity soared as a beautiful way for women to show a bare midriff and also shape the body’s contours. In the 1980's, women's swimwear adopted stretch fabrics like spandex for the best and most flattering fit, and this further increased the popularity of the bandeau bikini.

Top Tips for Picking your Bandeau

The distinguishing feature of bandeau swimwear is a straight top line across the bust. This does make your chest appear wider so if you only have small breasts, a bandeau could be a great option for you. A push up or padded bandeau bikini will further enhance your cleavage, as will one with frills or embellishments. One with a sweetheart neckline or a twist effect at the centre will be more flattering if you already have a larger chest. Make sure you are wearing the correct size - wearing the wrong size bikini will result in unsightly bulges where you wouldn't normally have them! For a classic pin-up look and extra support, go for a wide halter neck strap. This is also a great option for women with larger boobs as a thinner strap will be more uncomfortable around your neck.

Tips For Wearing A Bandeau

Of course, you can't beat wearing a strapless bandeau for flawlessly tanned shoulders but if you have a fuller bust, you may find that wearing one as a halter neck for more than a few days might give you neck ache. If you have heavy breasts we recommend going for a bandeau bikini set together with an additional bra style bikini top.

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