Beachwear is the term we use for all items of clothing you take to the beach with you that is made solely for the beach and not for swimming. Swimwear is the clothing you use for going into the water with, such as bikinis and swimsuits, but beachwear is what you take with you for relaxing on the sand. Kaftans, wraps, pareos, beach bags, sun dresses and sun hats are all parts of the category we call beachwear. Beachwear is vital for anyone travelling who wants an easy and enjoyable trip to the waters. Having a beach bag with you is super convenient, wearing a kaftan can protect you from the harsh rays of the sun and with a beach dress you will never have to worry about going back and getting changed before heading out for the day. Beachwear, like many categories of accessories, enhance your experience many times over and can make your holiday so much easier. So let us take a look at some of the beautiful beachwear that is out there to try. Sarongs, wraps and pareos are all types of beach cover ups, but what is the difference exactly? Well, not much really. Of course, size and shape are the elements that separate them and these are distinct, but is terms of use, they are very similar. You can wrap these squares and rectangles around your hips or waists and tie them at the side for various results. They cover your legs to keep you from getting burned, and can also be ideal for pulling out of your bag for dress codes. Many restaurants and cafes do not allow shorts or bikinis as part of their dress code and a pareo can save you. They are great for city breaks too, as you can pull this item of beachwear from out of your bag at cathedrals or mosques that require your legs and shoulders be covered, without carrying a heavy shawl in your bag or wearing trousers all day long. This is the city break lovers dream come true! Kaftans are another great beach cover up item. These garments are simply loose fitting dresses that are light as a feather and can slip straight on over your swimsuit or bikini. Another great item for modesty and quick coverage, kaftans have the added benefit of not needing to be set up at all. With wraps, you need to tie the item for a custom fit, but kaftans are as easy to slip on as a slouchy t-shirt.

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