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Sun dresses are one of the best items of clothing for the summer, if you want to stay cool and stay stylish at the same time. Shorts are great for staying cool, but if you want to go into a restaurant or a cafe whilst on holiday, a lot of places require something with more coverage. Swimsuits and bikinis are the same, being great for relaxing in and staying cool, but not at all ideal for going anywhere away from the beach. Even your gorgeous kaftan isn't suited for every occasion, as kaftans are often very sheer and see through, or are often too informally cut.

The Sun Dress

That is where the humble sun dress comes in. A sun dress is the perfect bridge between being well dressed and being relaxed and comfortable on the beach and in the heat. They are cut like a cocktail dress but as light and free as a kaftan. How do designers strike this perfect balance exactly? Let's take a look at some of the properties that make a sun dress so superb for the summer. Sun dresses are often made in the lightest of colours, such as pinks, light blues and white, which is one of the best things about them and something that arms them for the summer. Lighter colours reflect the light and heat of the sun away from you and keeps you much cooler than most evening dresses can. The cut is also a huge part of why sun dresses are so comfy in the heat. They are often shorter which is obviously best for keeping the breeze on your legs, but it is also something to do with the way they are tailored. Rather than pencil skirts or a denim-style skirt, the sun dress is tailored to have less close contact with your body. They are often pleated to achieve this, which makes the hip area narrower giving it a tailored look, but it still allows the hem of the dress to flare away from your legs more. This lets your sun dress move and sway in the breeze more easily and keeps you feeling more fresh than anything else can in the summer.

Occasional Sun Dresses

So, we can see that sun dresses are much more comfy than most other things, but what about occasion? Where can you wear one? Well, anywhere really. If you choose a sun dress that is very fitted around the midriff, you can pretty much take it anywhere. The flattering and figure-highlighting cut makes it look more like a cocktail dress and many of our sun dresses are designed to be evening wear too, so if you want to go out to a nice restaurant straight from the nearby tourist attractions or perhaps there's a place you can go dancing near you, a fitted sun dress is ideal.

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