Sarongs and Pareos

Sarongs and pareos are one of the most popular and useful accessories in the world of beachwear. They are like the Swiss army knife of the swimwear world. With so many different combinations and uses, the humble sarong and the striking pareo, either of them, are superb choices for the beach, for those who want the very best range and versatility to wear at the beach.

Wearing The Sarong & Pareo

These two garments, fundamentally the same thing but only different in size and dimension, can be customized and suited to any person's needs and preferences. If you want something to cover your shoulders from the sun, simply throw a triangle-folded sarong over your shoulders like a shawl or pashmina. If it's your legs you need to cover, open the sarong or the pareo up as much as possible and tie it on the hip or waist for a long and sheer skirt. These are the most common uses to the sarong or for a pareo, but traditionally, they have had even more uses. Sarongs were often used as a sling across the torso to carry a young child in, which might not be something you need, but it poses some interesting uses. How about an one shoulder top or a sash to keep your back free from the sun and add something more interesting to your beach outfit. Of course, if you have an extra long pareo or sarong, you can wear it as a shoulder-less dress. Simply tuck the pareo under your arms and tie at the front, then move the garment around to the side so the knot is like a broach. Or you can go for the less used option, but just as inventive one, which is to use your sarong or pareo as a head piece. The perfect way to keep your head out of the sun is to construct a makeshift head dress or shemagh for yourself to keep your head cool.

Beachwear Styles

There are so many ways to utilize your sarong or your pareo. But it is more than just practicality that is interesting to a swimwear fashionista. The designs are the truly exciting part of the world of sarongs and pareo. The large surface area allows you to put a huge and detailed design on it and truly make the most of your swimwear wardrobe. The large surface area is almost like a canvas, something that a bikini or even a swimsuit with the extra middle area, simply cannot compete with. The material of a sarong can be enough to make a dress out of, meaning an arm span at least, depending on the design you get it from.

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