Information On The Gottex Swmwear Brand

The History of Gottex Swimwear

Gottex's history has a big part to play in their rise in fame and their ascension to the very top of the world of swimwear. Being based in Israel allows Gottex to give their work a truly unique aspect and flavour. Israel is bordered by three different seas, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean. Each of these areas are distinct and have their own climate, temperature and ecosystems that influence the designs. Gottex Swimwaer
The vast and tumultuous Mediterranean gives their designs a certain liveliness, the Red Sea offers a teaming landscape of corals and sea life that bring a palette of unbelievable beauty to their fabrics. Gottex kaftans
The famous Dead Sea is striking and stark, offering Gottex swimwear a desert's unique aridness that has inspired Gottex kaftans that make an impression with subtlety rather than exuberance. And speaking of deserts, much of the inland of this nation, where Gottex do their photography, is desert. This striking starkness informs the collections greatly and can influence the designer to bring golden sands and dazzling azure skies into their work that other design houses might miss out on.

The Quality Behind Gottex's Success

Gottex swimwear is all about quality. The fabrics are the best, the designers they hire are the most intelligent and seasoned in the industry, the people who actually construct the garments are classically trained in making clothing rather than going for speed or quantity.
Gottex swimwear has been defined by its quality for years and it has paid off. People hear the word Gottex and they are excited at the thought that there is a new collection to indulge in. What's more, Gottex have been able to create a following and a legend around itself with this quality. When a woman tries other brands, she might enjoy them. Some she will even tell her friends about and consider buying items from these guys again. But with Gottex swimwear, she will never go elsewhere. They are truly on another level as a clothing designer.

The Gottex Bikini Range

Gottex make all kinds of swimwear but their bikinis are particularly beautiful. They are designed to flatter and enhance the figure, in every possible way. The first is their shaping abilities using techniques like underwiring and padded cups to achieve their ends. But it is more than just the technical elements that are used.
Gottex bikinis use their design to achieve what they want to. The colours, the sweeping patterns, the striking motifs and the timeless themes. A stripe is an obvious example of how a designer uses patterning to slim ones figure, but Gottex use everything at their disposal, not just patterns. The colours flatter multiple skin tones, the motifs are cheerful or delightful and make an impression of one kind or another, rather than just look nice. Everything goes towards making a Gottex bikini help you be your beautiful self.

Gottex's World Class Swimwear Designs

Gottex swimsuits are all designed to make the most of your figure. They don't all necessarily have a shaping effect, but Gottex swimsuits all use the canvas that a full body provides to make wonderful patterns and colours take form and come to life.
Gottex swimsuits are some of the most powerful pieces of design in the swimwear world and positively explode with vibrant colour, flatter every skin tone and suit any style and fashion sense. If you want the world's best swimwear, go no further than Gottex swimsuits.