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Here at UK Swimwear (formally UK Beachwear), we are one of the best destinations in the world for finding gorgeous designer bikinis, beachwear and swimsuits. We have one of the largest stock of designer swimwear in the world all year round and there is always something in our range for you to find and love.

Here's a quick overview of our company and some of the amazing things we have to offer you from our site.

Swimwear is a catch all term for the main items of holiday wear and sportswear. Swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis, skirtinis and all the other items you could wear just by themselves.

Swimwear is the core part of your outfit and it is very important to get something you absolutely love. All other items of clothing you might wear on your holiday like kaftans and wraps, or the beach bag you might carry to the sea with you are all classed as "beachwear". Swimwear is often more varied in its features and its capabilities. It can shape, lift, sculpt and do so much that a regular accessory cannot.

So what kind of things do you need to keep in mind when you are surfing UK Swimwear for your next gorgeous garment? Well, we mostly concentrate on designer swimwear, first of all. UK Swimwear's range is 90% focused on luxury swimwear by the very best European designers. Our top selling brands are all from Spain, Italy, France and Israel, and they are all beautiful and well designed. All of our items should last for years compared to average and inexpensive brands that you could get at a general clothing store or a department store.

We concentrate on this for a few important reasons. One is that we find our customers get so much more out of their experience with UK Swimwear. They fall in love with their new items and find that they have such a positive experience whilst travelling or even whilst getting a few laps in at the pool at the gym. Their clothing fits better, feels comfier and is more of a joy than ever before.

Whether it is mens Swimwear, girls swimwear, women's swimwear, mastectomy swimwear or plus size swimwear, we try to concentrate on finding only the best designs in the world and ones that have a great impact on your vacation.

So let's take a closer look at some of the different kinds of swimwear there is for you to try and what is best for you.


bikinis are one of the more iconic kinds of swimwear out there. Skirtinis and tankinis are newer and more experimental than many other kinds of swimwear. Bikinis are the archetypal item of clothing for taking away with you to a warm destination.

Most women are drawn to either this garment or one other type, swimsuits. There are lots of differences between them and there are somethings that one can do that the other might not be able to so well.

Bikinis are perfect for tanning. There are so few swimsuits that are ideal for tanning and it is a lot more expensive to buy a swimsuit with fabric than allows UV rays to pass through. Bikinis are the only choice for a woman who wants a great tan quickly.

Bikinis are also ideal for highlighting and showing off your figure. A well cut designer bikini is great for giving your figure an extra dose of flattering beauty. With push up bikinis, padded bikinis and underwired bikinis, getting the exact look you want is as easy as can be.

Another great thing about getting a bikini is that it matches the climate. Although swimsuits are designed to let you stay cool, there is no substitute for being free from a stifling garment or any kind of coverage. Bikinis are the most free and easy kind of swimwear and they are the nicest to wear in the scorching weather.


Swimsuits are the other major item that women love to wear to the pool or beach. The main advantage of a swiming costume is coverage. For those who want beautiful women's swimwear (or girls swimwear for that matter) but need to stay out of the sun or keep their skin safe, these is ideal. This is also a great choice for kids swimwear or baby swimwear as the little ones need the most coverage from the rays of the sun.

Swimsuits can often, but not always, offer a sculpting or shaping effect. They are sometimes built with special silicone linings that pull and push your figure to give you the look you want. There are also push up swimsuits, padded swimsuits and underwired swimsuits, but nothing beats the full sculpting effect you get from certain designers, which also target your midriff and bum area.


Beachwear includes all the accessories you know and love. Beach bags, kaftans, wraps, pareos and so much more. It is a great category for adding something more to your ensemble. Kaftans protect from the sun, as do pareos and wraps. Beach bags are the perfect item for making your trip hassle free. They are the items that everyone needs and there is something for everyone at UK Swimwear.

Scroll to the top of this page to see our navigation menu where you can find links to our swimwear sale, our girls swimwear, boys swimwear, mens swim shorts and ladies swimwear. We also have links to our blog and other social media profiles. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and if we can help with anything, don't hesitate to contact us using our "Contact Us" page.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and if we can help with anything, don't hesitate to contact us using our "Contact Us" page.

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