All About Kayley



Hey! I'm Kayley, known as 'Kay' to my friends but everyone calls me Kayley at work. I'd say I'm an easy person to get along with and I like to have a good laugh with my friends and family.

I work in the warehouse picking and dispatching which is actually quite an enjoyable job. It just so happens that my step dad is the manager and my mum is supervisor of the warehouse which naturally makes us a closer team!

I am a huge animal lover, especially toward dogs. I have a puppy myself, his name is colt and he is my entire world although he does really annoy me sometimes but I guess that's what dogs do. My most favourite food is pepperoni pizza but I do also love my mums macaroni-cheese even though I hate cheese.

One thing I most absolutely love to do is laze about in my dressing gown and watch fantasy movies and TV shows, I'm also quite the partier so if I'm not in my dressing gown then I'm out enjoying some quality partying time with my friends, who doesn't love a bit of music!

Anyway, thanks for reading, back too work it is :)