A Guide To Skirtinis

What is a skirtini?

A skirtini is not a fixed swimwear item for many people. Skirtinis are available to complement a one-piece, a bikini or in the style of a tankini. In its purest form, the skirtini is any piece of swimwear that has a little skirt attachment.

Still, many people would call this bikini set with a skirted brief as a skirtini. Right or wrong, it’s happening, so we’ll better get used to it, even if it’s a slightly confusing term.

Beautiful Skirtini

Neither a skirt or a bikini, the skirtini sits beautifully on the fence. Perfect for the discerning lady who no longer wishes to flaunt her thighs or behind. They can also elegantly aid your beach style look, with attractive and fashionable skirtini designs available to buy here online.

How did skirtinis come about?

Are you at an age where you feel as though you no longer can pull off the full bikini look?  Have some of your parts become a bit jiggly due to experience?

Then the skirtini is the perfect beachwear accessory that eloquently covers these parts. Stay conservatively covered whilst taking yourself into the bbeachsidecafé, or restaurant. You’ll also protect yourself from the rigours of too much sun whilst lay upon the heavenly warmed sands.

Skirtinis were developed to lay to rest any of insecurities a lady may have whilst sat out or parading along the beach.

Who is the skirtini for?

The Skirtini comes in many guises with fashion houses mirroring their design and look so to keep up with the latest beachwear trends. With the skirtini being such a dynamic piece of swimwear, the look and feel can be tailored to express the desires and wishes of the most advanced and influential of a fashion designer.

Skirtinis can be a good idea for every woman. No matter the body shape, skirtini always seem to look good. From the apple to the pear body shape. Skirtinis look especially good for rectangular body shapes, as it creates an hour-glass effect.

Fashionistas can pick up the latest skirtini designs from us at UK Swimwear, or you can pick up a more traditional style of skirtini to keep a conservative look whilst out by the sea too.  For any self-conscious lady or fashionista looking for that something an extra bit special then the skirtini can certainly come into its own.

How to wear a skirtini?

Gottex Profile Paradise Bay Skirtini

It looks great when added to any type of beachwear, whether with a bikini, tankini or even a one-piece the skirtini looks great. Not only designed to help the self-conscious it’s also a fashionable extra that will give any confident beachgoer an extra bit of something.

See more women’s skirted swimsuits here.

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