Guide to Buying Swimwear for Rectangle Body Shapes

What is the best body shape for swimwear? Probably the answer will be this: A X-shape hourglass figure. However, most common body shape in Britain is Rectangle, according to a study of the MMU. What does a rectangle body shape mean? It means your bust, waist and hips are about the same size. If you think you respond to this body type, have a read at this post to find out How to do the Best of your Swimwear if you’re a rectangle body shape. 

Get the Ultimate Hourglass Shape with a Cut-Out Swimsuit

Rectangular body shape swimwear - cut outs

Not only cut out swimsuits are one of the top trends in 2015, but also a great way to draw a waist and create the illusion of an hourglass shape. Gottex Stardust Cut Out Swimsuit (£139.95) & Vacanze Italiane Blue Leopard Monokini (£109.95). 

Drive the attention to your centre top

Rectangular body shape swimwear - angled strapes

If you want to go for printed swimsuits, always try to drive attention to the centre top of your body. Angled stripes will enhance your bust for a narrow waist effect! Gottex Anguilla Contour Swimsuit (£144.95), Little Kiss City Swimsuit (£69.95) & Gottex Emerald Boa Halter Neck Swimsuit (£137.95).

A front tie bikini top makes a huge difference

Rectangular body shape swimwear - front tie

It’s amazing how a tiny front tie changes the way a bikini top looks on you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re busty or athletic. Go for a bikini top with a front tie. LingaDore Boho Bikini (£44.95), LingaDore Zanzibar Halter Bikini (£59.95), Rosch Circle Bikini (£99.95 £109.95) and Tessy Dana Bikini (£84.95). 

Tie the Bikini bottom to make your Hips Stand out

Rectangular body shape swimwear - bottom tie

String bikini bottoms are perfect to enhance the hips of rectangle body shapes, particularly when they have lovely patterns like these ones. Sielei Morocco Bikini (£49.95), David Lady Club Sabbia Print Push Up Bikini (£69.95), Roidal Cristel Bikini (£169.95) & LingaDore Hula Push-Up Triangle Bikini (£54.95). 

Final tips for Buying Swimwear for Rectangle Body Shapes: 

  • Avoid bandeau swimwear
  • Avoid square necks
  • Go for floral patterns

Do you need any help choosing your swimsuit? Leave us a comment or contact UK Swimwear. We’re always happy to help.


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