Tessy, A Roidal For The Young At Heart

Roidal┬ámake some of the best swimwear is the world, but they know that not everyone wants the same thing from their bikinis and swimsuits. There are certain styles that certain people love, but never has one size fit all. That’s why Roidal swimwear released Tessy, a new brand under the Roidal name for those who love the fresh, fashionable and young designs of available in the UK.

Roidal has always concentrated on a maturer set of design principles, aiming at a more reserved style, eschewing complexity and ecstatic colours. This is a perfectly wonderful way to go about creating your swimwear, however those that are young at heart want something more spirited from their bikinis and swimsuits. Tessy brings that to the Roidal name. Their range blends the most vibrant colours, the striking patterns and the kind of themes that make you turn your head right around. They are some of the most dazzling swimwear products we’ve ever seen. If you lust for that kind of excitement and crave something more than just a muted pattern from your swimwear, Tessy is your new best friend.

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