Black Friday Is Here!

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is the biggest sale day in the world for everything online or in bricks and mortar stores. And that goes for Black Friday swimwear sales included. It is certainly our biggest shopping day too and we are always really excited about showing off our fantastic swimwear range, knowing how much our fans fall in love with our range.

Black Friday at UK Swimwear is a site-wide sale with 20% off all our bikinis and swimsuits and beach accessories. Simply find a beautiful swimsuit or bikini you love and go to the checkout with the code “BLACK”. This will give you 20% off the goods total of your order. You can also place multiple orders throughout the day. This sale runs only on Friday 27th November, from midnight to midnight.

This year we have some amazing items to show you and lots of new collections too. And of course, the seasons have just changed so we have some great new releases of swimwear such as Gottex and Roidal.

This year our discounts have gone up to 20% so this is going to be the biggest sale we have ever had and we have the same over at UK Lingerie and UK Tights also.

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