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Anita Tankinis, A Perfect Dichotomy

Anita has one very strong theme emerging in its collection this season. Some of her designs are in two parts. Namely, the Anita tankinis are taking over the range. They’ve divided the two halves of each pattern and created some truly dazzling women’s swimwear. It’s a design dichotomy! This has been a feature with so many of Anita’s designs over the past six months or so. In fact, it’s become a defining characteristic of their work. One of their subtler options, Idella, is pictured above. It has a gorgeous array of gemstone colours right down to the hem of the Anita tankini sets. Then, the briefs transform to solid black, creating that coveted contrast design teams work so hard for. The earthy tones of the brown shapes give the tankini a more grounded feel but the purple and yellow add a wonderful liveliness to Anita’s newest release.

The Tarina Tankini

An even more noticeable example is the Tarina tankini. The pattern is one that’s been used three or four times this season. Something Anita comfort lingerie and swimwear styles never do. That says a lot about how wonderfully popular these contrasting colours are! Tarina and her sister patterns are all very well loved. And they’re the perfect example of how a heavily detailed and complex pattern can match other stuff. And perhaps even go superbly well with something more restrained. The very best part of any design like this is its visual effect. The black makes the colours look more vibrant and the colours make the black look more timeless.

More Stuff From Anita Tankinis

This is only a little bit part of what Anita Comfort and the Anita tankinis can offer you. Anita is the brand for comfortable swimwear. Especially for women who want to feel good wearing the right swimsuits and tankinis for their body shape. Anita Comfort its most popular range, as its sizes go up to UK 24 size, with several cup sizes available. Because your size shouldn’t prevent you from wearing beautiful women’s swimsuits! If you want to see more amazing styles, check out the Anita Comfort ladies swimwear collection.

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