DD+ Cup Swimwear: A Guide to Shop Swimwear for Large Breasts

Do you struggle to find a flattering DD+ bikini top? Looking for a comfortable swimsuit to swim once or twice a week? At UK Swimwear we have a large selection of swimwear for large breasts, from cup D to H. First of all you should measure yourself to check what’s your right cup size. Now it’s time to decide the best style. To avoid any bikini failures, we want to help you shop the best swimwear style for large busts.

1. Halter Neck Top


Moontide Hey Ho Halter Neck Bikini

The thicker and tights the straps are, the better support they’ll offer. Many halter tops are also underwired. Other amazing halter neck styles for larger busts are Aubade Sublime Naiade Swimsuit or Aubade Fleur Tropicale Moulded Push Up Bikini Top.

2. Underwired Bikini Top

Roidal Taria Twist Underwired Bikini
13. Roidal Taria Twist Underwired Bikini

Underwired swimwear has a push-up visual effect. Besides, underwired bikinis are comfortable to wear, too. Say goodbye to the neck pain! Other styles we love: Anita Comfort Eugenia Bikini In Blue, LingaDore Latina Bikini, Anita Rosa Faia Keiko Bikini and Roidal Robin Underwired Swimsuit

3. Built in bra swimsuits


Circle Swimsuit

Some swimsuits and bikini tops have a built-in bra. So, padded cups and underwired swimsuits smooth your curves while giving that little extra support you want in your DD+ Swimwear.

4. Bond-girl style

Pain de Sucre Malaga Bikini
Pain de Sucre Malaga Bikini

The Bond-girl bikini style is a winner combination for large breasts. V necks have an amazing effect! Besdies, the under bust band will give you extra support. Rosch Porto Beach Bikini, Oroblu Panama Bikini, Lidea Rebecca High Waisted Bikini and Aguaclara Purpura Bikini

Can’t you find your perfect DD+ Swimwear? Give us a call to 01625 460181 or contact [email protected]. We’re always happy to help! 

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