Nuria Ferrer, A New Brand For Us And For The World

Nuria Ferrer

Nuria Ferrer is one of the most interesting new brands from Spain that we have brought onto our range recently. They are new and interesting and very passionate. These are all qualities that we adore in any designer of any type of clothing, but what is is that Nuria Ferrer Swimwear have to offer is precisely? What has their boundless talent and burning passion produced? They have so much to show us, so let’s take a look.

Nuria Ferrer And Their History

Nuria Ferrer are a relatively young new brand. They have only been producing swimwear for around three decades or so. They are originally from Girona, in the northern area of Catalonia, in Spain. This combination of being a much younger brand than we are used to, and the sartorial heritage of the Mediterranean, is a very important one. It is vital for every fashion brand and designer to have a few things, and history and youthful energy are right up there in the list of  great things to have. Nuria Ferrer benefit from these two things immensely, and it means they can be far more creative and draw inspiration from far more places.

This is often why younger designers always have the most incredible and inspiring designs compared with brands that are more established. These designers often don’t have a settled identity for their products yet. This makes them make a large variety of amazing designs and try and find their own identity in the first few years or even decades of their existence.

But Nuria Ferrer is not exactly identity-free either. They absolutely have a signature style and are fast settling into their identity as a designer. Their range is so gorgeous and beautiful and really reflects this. So let’s delve into their range itself a little more. And let’s see what it is exactly that this gorgeous Spanish designer has to offer.

Nuria Ferrer’s Range

The range itself is easy to describe. It is all about bringing intense colours and bold fashion choices to your wardrobe. In a word, we would say it is “creative”. That is what you get with a range like this that is designed by a younger designer. All the creativity, and none of the routine. Nuria Ferrer express their creativity in a number of different ways, but the most obvious is though colour. The intense gemstone greens and pinks and blues are something to behold. It is one of the most stunning and striking we have seen in many seasons.

A lot of their range has taken inspiration from ingenuous rocks like granite and marble, with incredible displays of colour and patterning. This makes this range among the most hypnotic too. Blending hypnotic designs with ones that make a stunning entrance is a real feat, but Nuria Ferrer manage it effortlessly.

Being a younger brand, their range is mostly about making a name for themselves and establishing an identity. This is why Nuria Ferrer have been making their range the boldest it can be. It helps them to hit the ground running. And they have started as they mean to go on, with a bold look that will quickly make them a well known name in the swimwear world.

So go to the Nuria Ferrer range today by clicking here, or the image above. And maybe you will find the kind of daring and uncompromising fashion swimsuit or fashion bikini you have been longing for.

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