A Hidden Meaning

Gideon Oberson colourful white Printed Swimsuit

Gideon Oberson’s swimwear range this year has been remarkably varied. The inclusion of snake skins and other natural patterns has not stopped them from jumping to the other end of the fashion spectrum with massively abstract shapes and out of the ordinary art.

This piece of swimwear looks like one of the latter patterns, but it contains much more than you might first think or see.

The bright and vibrant splashes of colour are ink blots up close, but pull back from the canvas for just a moment. You’ll start to see the tapestry as a whole, as it’s meant to be seen.

Slowly, the patterns are noticed and warm, summery flowers start to emerge. This design contains the hint, just a hint, of beautiful and delicate flowers. It’s like a painting, a work of art and one where you kind your own meaning to the imagery.

The presence of flora isn’t a definite thing, but that’s the point. It may stand out to one and not to another, but here lies the genius of good swimwear. It can appeal to any human being, no matter their tastes because of it’s myriad possibilites.

The stark white background only serves to enhance this and makes the colours more rich looking than a crowded design would. Gideon Oberson are more than just designers, it seems. They’re maestros of the visual and the mystical.

A good fashion designer can certainly make their swimwear as impactful as any other art and Gideon Oberson is so much more than just “good”.

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