Best Jaw-Dropping Zip Detail Swimsuits

Best zip detail swimsuits pin

You have also seen it, right? Everyone is wearing zip detail swimsuits these days and we don’t seem to have enough of this swimwear trend. Celebrities wore it first. Yes, Keeping up with the Kardashians featured some pretty front zip bikinis and swimsuits. This last summer we have spotted Gigi Hadid in a zip detail swimsuit and her sister Bella is a fan of them, too.

With a clear influence of the style of surfers, the micro-trend of the frontal zip has stolen our hearts. Not only zip detail swimsuits are sophisticated and modern, but also very flattering no matter your size. Ideal for the athletic body shapes, but also for the busty ladies and the curvy women. Ideal to zip mouths!

Miraclesuit’s new Zip detail swimsuits

This Miraclesuit tummy-control swimsuit is one of our latest arrivals. Part of our 2019 Miraclesuit swimwear collection, it’s the new version of the best-selling Miraclesuit So Riche Zip Code Red Swimsuit. Yes, we also have stock of the Miraclesuit So Riche Zip Code Swimsuit in red, even if it was a total success in 2017. We loved it so much that we keep ordering it!

This is one of Miraclesuit’s most seductive styles yet. Very flattering, as the zip detail and the retro-like shape of the straps have a jaw-dropping effect. This is one of those sophisticated styles that look good in any body shape, but, it’s particularly good for larger cup sizes and curvier ladies.

Moontide’s take on the Sailing Swim Style

Have you ever gone sailing? Moontide has the perfect front zip swimsuit for sailing. It looks great, it’s right on trend and it’s super comfortable. Besides those thick straps you can see, a racer back allows any movements around the boat. You can dive into the sea and swim without having to get changed into a Speedo. Quite convenient, we’d say.

Gottex Zip Detail Swimsuits Are Absolutely Elegant

Gottex Front Zip Detail Swimsuit
Gottex has some stunning front zip swimsuits

Gottex does luxury swimwear like no other and zips have been one of the key details in their latest collections. The Gottex Couture Golden Sand V Neckline Swimsuit in the picture above is only one of Gottex’s beautiful zipped styles, but there are many too chose from. Also, some minimal-inspired Gottex Profile zip detail swimsuits.

Here you have a few extra zip detail swimsuits we love these days, as well as a cute zip detail bikini:

Do you want to see more? Here you have the best collection of zip detail swimwear.


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