The Most Underrated Winter Holiday Spot

Havana, Cuba is the most underrated winter beach holiday destination

Winter getaways can be a pretty contentious topic. Northern Hemisphere or Souther Hemisphere? A city break, or a beach? Surely, not a beach in winter? Well actually, there are some rather gorgeous and amazing destinations out there that you can go to in the world in November and December that don’t have to be one bit chilly. These are the places you can go to help you escape the darker months and the chill of winter. And if you don’t have little ones or your kids are all grown up, you can get to the these destinations just before the Christmas break for a whole lot less than you might think. So, what is the most underrated and the least talked about holiday destination for a winter beach break? Let’s find out.

The Most Underrated Winter Beach Holiday Destination Is… Cuba!

What is so special about Cuba? Well, it really does tick all the boxes. Conventional wisdom tells us that the Caribbean is the place to be. It has all the things you could want for a beach holiday. Whether that be the rainfall, or if it is the location close to the equator, or if it is the seasonality of the Caribbean islands, or the budget, Cuba really has got it all. We are going to go into some specifics about why we love Cuba next. But if you want a quick overview only, trust us that it is the perfect choice. So what is it that we should be looking at for why Cuba is the best winter beach holiday destination? What specific tick boxes should we be ticking that make this island nation the greatest choice?

It’s Near The Equator Is Best ForĀ  A Winter Beach Holiday

This makes all the difference. Cuba is not an equatorial nation, but it is not too far. If you are used to destinations like The Mediterranean or the Red Sea or large parts of the northerly Pacific like California, then this is going to be a lot closer to the equator than you are used to. So what is the benefit of this one area of the world exactly? The equator gets a the same lengths of day time throughout the year. It doesn’t have the short winter days and long summer days that you might be used to if you are from the UK or other northerly climes. This is great for having long holiday days no matter when you go, rather than the Mediterranean when it can get quite dark rather quickly in the day.

But that isn’t the main issue with holidaying near the equator. That is just a nice to have. The real benefit is the fact that, because of the fairly long days, the temperature stays balmy. It is usually 26C or 27C in November to December in the day time. The nights are warmer too, as the whole place has been bathed in heat all day. So you get hot days and nice balmy nights. This is the main point of going to an equatorial country. It is the perfect destination for maintaining reliably gorgeous temperatures. And what’s more, all coffee on planet Earth comes from the Coffee Belt, a 1000 mile band around the equator. That means that Cuba has a great coffee culture. I guess you can stop reading the post here! But don’t, because there is more to tell.

A Winter Beach Holiday To Cuba Is Outside The Wet Season

October is the last month of the wet season in Cuba. May to October is the time where it is most humid. This can be really very stifling in the Caribbean and the humidity is very oppressive for some. But there is something even worse that accompanies the rains in a Caribbean nation. Mosquitoes. The dreaded mosquito is an absolute menace and it is awful when you are caught in swarms of them. And that is often what it is like in Cuba. The rainy season there sees swarms of these creatures that are positively biblical in proportion. You should avoid the traditional summer vacation to Cuba, and only go in the autumn or for a winter beach holiday. This is what makes it an instant winner for winter beach holidays.

A Vivid Culture

Is there a place on Earth as identifiable and as vivid as Cuba? In there own way, many places have their own flavours, of course. But there is something quite entrancing about Cuba. There is so much that is there for you to enjoy. The food, the rum, the incredible dance culture, and the way of life that is more unique and identifiable than almost anyway else in the region. You can easily and cheaply eat at a beach side cafe for lunch and be greeted by an absolute feast of the most tasty food imaginable.

The evenings can be spent engaged in one of a number of different dances, all originating from Cuba. The salsa is from this island nation. Need we say more? If you still want other styles, then the mambo, the cha-cha-cha, and the bolero all got their start in Cuba. And if you fancy spending the evening a little more sedate, then what else is this enchanted land known for besides rum? This is a true elixir of life. And if you are going for a winter beach holiday, then a bottle of rum should never be far from your side. It will be your constant companion on any beach front.

Cuba Is Very Affordable

Cuba is a Caribbean nation, and like many of its neighbours it is quite a poor country. There is one upside to this though, and that is that it makes it very affordable. So going on a trip abroad is not going to break the bank. The flights are the real expense, but once you are there, it is one of the best destination on a budget. This can be the case for a lot of the Caribbean, but with Jamaica and Barbados and other places having more tourism over the years, Cuba still cannot be beat.

If you are a foodie, that vivid culture we talked about before is right up your alley. You can feast and drink for a reasonable price. This also expands your options, as a resort that is all-inclusive need not be your only option. You can get an apartment near a beach and go and travel down there in the day and enjoy the city at night. And all for a lot less than you might think.

You May Not Be Able To Enjoy It For Much Longer

This is a bit of an exaggeration but it is partly true. Havana and all of Cuba is changing. The Cuban nation is opening up to the outside world. For nearly 70 years it has been a place largely closed off from the outside world. It has been a place in isolation. Like many historic places, isolation makes for a unique culture and way of life. Still to this day, tourists that visit say it has a different flavour and culture to the ordinary beach resort destination. It is truly a place of its own.

Now, that might start to change. It is important to recognise that the Cuba many once knew is already becoming more international. That is often a good thing, and Cuba has been getting more wealthy as a result. So soon enough, the old charming building of Havana may be replaced with towering glass facades. This can be beautiful in its own right, but it is a lot less unique.

But don’t worry too much. It isn’t going anywhere overnight. This great nation is vibrant and richly steeped in culture and history. And you cannot get rid of that with just a lick of paint and a new shopping mall or two. So, after you have decided that this land of enchanting people and places is for you, what comes next? Why, a gorgeous swimsuit or bikini to go away with.

You’ll Need Some New Swimwear!

Any trip abroad needs a quick redress of what you have in your wardrobe. A dancing dress for salsa lessons. A nice chic pair of sunglasses for the intense sun… and for shielding your eyes the next morning after a little too much of the spiced rum. And of course, some new beachwear. Well if it has to be new swimwear, then why not new indeed? Here is our new swimwear section. This is where you will see the cutting edge fashion bikinis and the very finest new swimsuits. They are ideal for a getaway this autumn or winter. And if you are desperate for a quick break after a long year, then a winter beach holiday in Cuba with a brand new item of swimwear is perfect.

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