Tips to Buy Mastectomy Swimwear

Looking for post-mastectomy swimwear? You must have already realised buying mastectomy swimwear isn’t an easy task. Breast cancer and its treatment often lead to changes in the body. Many people suffer changes in their body weight and after-surgery scars often concern women. It’s not an impossible mission, though. We want to help you buy mastectomy swimwear for your holidays. We’ve put together a list of the most relevant features you should have into account before you make your decision.

Good quality also means a greater design

What do most people look for when buying swimwear? Good design and greater comfort. Going for quality swimwear is the key to get both design and it’s particularly relevant when buying Mastectomy Swimwear. It’s worth spending a little extra to get the ultimate good fit that will boost your self-confidence.

What is a ‘Good Fit’ in Mastectomy Swimwear? 

Mastectomy swimwear with high neckline: 

Most of the mastectomy swimwear designs have a high neckline to offer extra comfort and coverage. No scars or prosthetics can be spotted!

Mastectomy swimwear with a higher back cut

As it happens with the high neckline, higher backs always feel safe. Even if you choose bandeau or halter necks, everything will stay in place.

Mastectomy swimwear with pocketed cups

Mastectomy swimwear has to adapt to your cup needs in a greater way than regular padded swimwear. Quite often mastectomy swimwear designs are suitable for several cup sizes.

Damella Monochrome Mastectomy Bikini
The Damella Monochrome Mastectomy Bikini fits Cup B & Cup C

Mastectomy swimwear with padded cups

Sometimes, post-mastectomy swimwear can include padded or moulded cups to disguise discrepancies between the breasts.

Is there Mastectomy Swimwear with additional features?

Yes! Some mastectomy bikinis and swimsuits have adjustable straps, which are very useful to get symmetry. Additional features include tummy control or special designs for active swimming.

Sports Mastectomy swimwear
Mastectomy Sports Swimwear: Anita Care Parada Mastectomy, Palm Beach Mastectomy Swimsuit & Anita Care Portobelo Mastecomy Swimsuit

Check out our range of Anita Care lingerie, ideal for women who have gone through breast surgery

Matching Mastectomy Beachwear:

Skin is more delicate after cancer treatment, so you need to protect from the sun: A sun dress, a sun hat or a cover up can make a difference. You can even find beachwear matching your mastectomy swimwear.

Mastectomy dresses
Mastectomy dresses include pockets for inserts & adjustable straps, too: Jamu Caye Mastectomy DressJamu Corolla Mastectomy Chemise.

Swim Prosthesis: Silicone or Foam Pads?

Swim prosthesis and bust enhancers are made of waterproof materials that make them chlorine and salt resistant. They’re available in different shapes, from full pads to thinner foam pads. The most popular ones are the silicon pads, although many women prefer wearing lightweight foam pads.

If you need any tips to Buy Mastectomy Swimwear, feel free to leave a comment or contact UK Swimwear. We’re always happy to help! 

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