Top 10 Insanely Beautiful Pareos

Beachwear is a vital part of a beach outfit. When you wear a pareo for the first time, you quickly realise why pareos are so popular these days. Not only they cover your body when you’re in your deck chair or the snack bar. It can replace your summer clothing when you make your way to the beach or the swimming pool. Said this, the main reason behind the success of pareos is this: Some pareos are absolutely gorgeous. Here you have a perfect example: Ten Insanely Beautiful Pareos to hit the beach in 2015. 

Gottex Impressions Silk Pareo

1. Gottex Impressions Silk Pareo (£151.95) – Colourful geometric and floral prints matching the Gottex Impressions Shaped Square Neck Swimsuit.

Gottex Cleopatra Silk Pareo

2. Gottex Cleopatra Silk Pareo (£151.95) – Lovely turquoise nature prints, matching the Gottex Cleopatra Square Neck Swimsuit.

Roidal Cocco Pareo

3. Roidal Cocco Pareo (£149.95) –  You can find this fresh pattern in the Roidal 2015 collection. However, this pareo is ideal to combine with a plain swimsuit, such as the Roidal Canne Swimsuit in Lime, turquoise or violet.

Gottex Rosetta Silk Pareo

4. Gottex Rosetta Silk Pareo (£149.95) – Spectacular multicolour mosaic pattern, matching the 2015 Best-selling swimsuit: The Gottex Rosetta Bandeau Swimsuit.

Gottex Anguilla Silk Pareo

5. Gottex Anguilla Silk Pareo (£144.95) – To be worn with the Gottex Anguilla Contour Swimsuit.

Gottex Secret Garden Pareo With Belt

6. Gottex Secret Garden Pareo with belt (£129.95) – Check out the whole Gottex Secret Garden Range here.

Gottex Emerald Boa Pareo

7. Gottex Emerald Boa Pareo (£129.95) with matching swimsuit.

Gottex Kinetic Silk Pareo

8. Gottex Kinetic Silk Pareo (£144.95) – Pair it with your Little Black Swimsuit or the Gottex Kinetic Contour Swimsuit.

Gottex Exotic Peacock Pareo

9. Gottex Exotic Peacock Pareo (£129.95) – Breathtaking exotic print, matching the gorgeous Gottex Exotic Peacock Swimsuit.

Gottex Seychelles Pareo

10. Gottex Seychelles Pareo (£122.95) – Finish your ultimate beach look with the Gottex Seychelles Bandeau Swimsuit.

 Do you like wearing pareos? What’s your favourite of our list of 10 beautiful pareos? Leave your vote in the comments!

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