This Is Why You Should Wear A Bikini This Summer

We aren’t going to talk about the awful campaign encouraging women to take weight loss pills to be Beach Body Ready. At UK Swimwear we fight against body-shaming. So, let’s make this clear: You, my friend, already have a body and you shouldn’t hide it. This is the reason why YOU should wear a bikini this Summer. 

How to Be Beach Body Ready in 3 Steps:

  1. Buy a Bikini.
  2. Make your way to the beach.
  3. Congratulations: You’re Beach Body Ready! 


Excuse No. 1: “I’m too Big to wear a bikini”

Do you remember what happened when Jenny wore a bikini? Nothing. Nothing at all. She felt happy and nobody around noticed anything different. If she could, you also can. So, choose a gorgeous bikini and don’t look back.

Excuse No. 2: “After becoming a Mum, I can’t wear bikinis” 

Many women don’t feel confident enough to wear a bikini after becoming a mum: their stomach isn’t as flat as before and they have stretch marks in their tummy. If you feel this way, you have to read what blogger Vicki Psarias wrote. These are some of her amazing words:

“Reality is beautiful, people.

I do feel good in my own skin, and want other women too. So what if my tummy has lost some definition and I have stretch marks, I’m proud of my physique – it’s made and carried two baby boys and day to day I never think about those marks and when I do it’s positively” (Read more here)


“No woman (or man) is perfect, we’re all diverse in our looks and bodies, and as you know, the models you see in magazines usually undergo 10 hours or more of photoshopping and editing. Perfection doesn’t exist people. 

Imperfection is perfection” (Read more here)

The Positive Vibes of the #ProudInMyBikini Movement!

Vicki Psarias (@HonestMummy) also included a picture of herself in a bikini and, guess what, it reached thousands of people. Besides, her action has inspired many bloggers to sharing their pictures in bikini, under the hashtag #ProudInMyBikini


We want to add our bit to encourage you to wear a bikini this Summer. So, we’d like to invite you to check out Vicki’s inspiring blog post and join the #ProudInMyBikini campaign. Besides, we’re giving a 15% Discount in All our Bikinis with the voucher code PROUDINMYBIKINI. You can redeem your voucher at UK Swimwear.

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