The Black Friday Sale, 2013


Today is Black Friday, the single busiest shopping day of the year. If you’re based in the UK, you might not be aware of this event. Traditionally, Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the last Thursday of November. Americans take that Thursday off to spend with their families, so most people take the friday off too. No point going into the office for one day, is there? With these day being so close to Christmas, Friday is perfect to start shopping for toys and treats.

UK Swimwear took part in this holiday last year and you all loved it, so for today only, we’re repeating that much loved sale and we’re giving you 20% off every single item on our site. Just click here and you’ll find all our swimwear ready to add to your basket. This year, you can reuse the offer code as many times as you want. If you place an order and then see something else you think you might want to try, go ahead.

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