How To Simply Relax On The Beach

There is nothing quite so relaxing as simply lying on a sun-soaked beach. When the warm sun’s rays are kissing your body and the sea breeze is like a whisper against your skin. There is a lot of evidence that says simply lying on a beach is by far the best way of de-stressing. The warmth of the sun and the sound of the waves lapping at the shore can give a real sense of well being.

A lady simply sunbathing on a beach lounger by the beach on a striped towel


So why is it that we resist such a relaxing activity? It’s easy, just simply lie on the beach, close your eyes and let yourself drift away. It’s not rocket science! It’s not difficult! Or is it?

There are five different stages that we go through whilst we sunbathe on a beach. These stages are confidence, boredom, disappointment, determination and reality. Below is our take on this.


Here you are. You’ve just stepped onto a beach and you’re feeling great! Brimming with confidence wearing your gorgeous new bikini from UK Swimwear and looking super cool in your funky new shades! Have you ever felt more ready for a relaxing day ahead? You’ve been on that diet for some time now and you’re feeling pretty good. The only thing you need to do is simply lie back, relax and bask in that glorious sunshine!

A woman standing on a rocky beach embracing the waves in her bikini
There’s nothing like feeling confident on the beach in new swimwear!


Then the boredom kicks in… It’s stifling hot and you’ve got sand in all the wrong places. The book you’ve taken with you is not as good as the reviews made out. You feel like you’ve been there for hours when in fact it’s barely been a few minutes. To make matters worse, you don’t even have the faintest hint of a tan yet!


After a while, you begin to feel restless. You start to feel as though everyone else on the beach has the perfect figure and an already well-established tan. One glance at your pasty skin brings on another wave of disappointment. You try not to compare yourself to the beautiful creatures you are surrounded by.

There’s a game of volleyball going on a little way down the beach and you would just love to join in. The players are so stunning that you decide against it. You curse yourself for giving in to the temptation of that takeaway before you left. Eventually, you decide there is nothing you can do about it. You simply lie back and hope no one notices that you’re a regular pizza eater!

Lady in a white bikini lying on the beach enjoying the waves around her feet
Lying on the beach lapping up the sun and sea


You then become very determined. You think to yourself; ‘What the hell! I’m just as gorgeous as they are! Just because they hit the gym five times a week. Well, I’m too busy for that rubbish.’

You try to lie there patiently as you are determined to get that beautiful beach gotten tan. You’ll show these sun worshipers that you can simply lie there, look fabulous and make those volleyball players jealous.

Whilst lying there, you make yourself a promise that from now on, you’re gonna eat nothing but salad and vegetables. When you’ve finished your holiday you’re gonna make it your business to get up early and hit the gym. You will get more out of that membership that you took out eighteen months ago! After all, you pay for it each month and never use it.

Blue hand weights with a tape measure draped over them next to a plate of apples and bananas
You WILL get back to the gym as soon as you get home


The next thing that happens is that the waiter from the hotel that you’re staying at goes waltzing by with fries and a diet coke for the girl on the next sunbed. That heavenly smell wafts across your nose like the finest perfume from Paris.

The gorgeous volleyball players have now left the beach. You’re sweating and feeling totally unhappy with yourself for simply beach lounging all day.

It’s no good, you just can’t stand it any longer, the wanting, the needing and the total desire for naughty food. You rise as quickly as you can and try to avoid looking at those fries so longingly… You decide it’s time to head back to the hotel as you can notice a slight change in your skin colour. As you throw on your kaftan, you decide you’ll give in ‘just this once’. Upon your return to the hotel, you order yourself a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and don’t forget that all-important diet coke!

How do others do to simply relax on the beach?

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