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Gideon Oberson: Full Circle, Full Spectrum

Gideon Oberson Fashion Bikinis

You can’t get the much more cutting edge and modern than something this retro. What? Well, fashion is cyclical and this design is something that’s clearly come full circle. This fashion bikini design originated in the neon-drenched world of the 1980s, full of geometric wonders and using the whole spectrum of colour like nothing else in Gideon Oberson’s range. This fashion bikini is easily the most retro and revived design this year, by any designer.

Fashion is cyclical partly because we love to revisit classics. We love to get back our favourite parts of an older style that we forgot about. Gideon Oberson fashion bikinis are the very best way to get back what you love about a bygone time in fashion and give your seaside wardrobe a fantastic and energetic new look.

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