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Swimwear Neckline Secrets To Make You Look Fabulous

Swimwear Neckline secrets to look fabulous

Did you know that wearing the right swimwear neckline can totally upgrade your swimwear look? Whether you have a large or a small bust, wearing a flattering swimwear neckline can drive the attention to the right areas or, even, make you torse look longer or more slender. Check out what swimwear neckline trends you should look at next time to buy women’s swimwear. 

The high neck is the most popular swimwear neckline in 2019!

You must have noticed that the high neck has become highly popular in 2018. Guess what? We’re going to see more and more high necklines in swimsuits and bikinis next season. It’s going to be one of the top swimwear trends for 2019.

Gottex Couture Mirrored Elegance High Neck Swimsuit

We have to admit that we do love a good high neck bikini swimsuit, as it’s utterly flattering. It’s true that it covers a little bit more the bust area, so may end up with more visible tanning lines, but, on the other hand, it makes your torso look longer. This makes it a great swimwear neckline style for shorter women.

A swimsuit with high neckline looks especially good in busty women, but, we have to say, smaller busts should ditch this option over, as it’s one of the most flattering necklines for women whatsoever. 

Who else is loving keyhole swimsuits?

Keyhole swimsuits are similar to the high neck, with an open detail. A high neck swimsuit with a keyhole is a sexier version of the traditional high neck, but more traditional than a halter neck swimsuit. We absolutely love the elegant look of keyhole swimsuits. It’s funny how a little detail, like a cut-out, can upgrade a simple piece; a little detail and you have completely new look swimsuit. 

Maryan Mehlhorn Aquaria Swimsuit
Maryan Mehlhorn’s latest collection featured keyhole neckline details

Other alternatives to keyhole neckline swimsuits that work well:

  • High neck swimsuits with a mesh panel. They are just in between traditional high necklines and a keyhole swimsuit.
  • Plunge necklines: it’s a sexier version to the keyhole. Some swimsuits with a keyhole actually go deeper than the one in the picture above; just like a plunge V neckline swimsuit, but closed on the top. 
  • Halter neck swimsuits are the traditional version of the keyhole swimsuits, for those who don’t care too much about swimwear trends. 

Heart shaped neck Vs Square swimwear neckline

Both heart and square necklines are ideal for larger busts, as they feel supportive and often have an uplifting effect. They enhance the whole bust and torso area, so they are a great neckline option for large cup sizes and curvy women. 

Most designers of women’s swimming costumes go for a square neckline swimsuit, as it holds everything in its place while diving and swimming. Square neck bikinis will be very popular in 2019, impulsed by the sporty swimwear trend.

Miraclesuit heart shaped neckline swimsuit
New Miraclesuit 2019 style with a flattering heat neckline

Heart necklines are ideal for women who want to look fantastic in swimwear. Many push-up bikinis have this shaped neckline and so do most Miraclesuit swimsuits. This can’t be a coincidence, right? They may not be the most trustworthy style if you are going to swim, but nothing feels more flattering that a heart neckline swimsuit.

have this shaped neckline and so do most Miraclesuit swimsuits. This can’t be a coincidence, right? They may not be the most trustworthy style if you are going to swim, but nothing feels more flattering that a heart neckline swimsuit.

Three swimwear neckline styles for smaller busts

We have discussed what are the most flattering swimwear neckline styles for larger busts, but what about smaller busts? We find these three necklines work simply great for any women with smaller busts:

  • A strapless neckline: Ultra flattering, especially for athletic bodies and smaller cup sizes. Larger busts can wear strapless bikinis and swimsuits, but they are always going to feel more uncomfortable, as they need more support. Smaller busts should not have any issues wearing bandeau bikini tops. 
  • One shoulder neckline: Very trendy in the last seasons, the one shoulder swimsuit is one of the most original styles. Gottex has some of the most beautiful one shoulder swimsuits we’ve ever seen and they always sell out before any other style in the range! They work very well for athletic body shapes. 
  • Off the shoulder neckline: We have started to see off the shoulder swimsuits, bikinis and sun dresses this season and we just love them. Just like the strapless styles, they work better on smaller busts. Watercult has some lovely off the shoulder beach styles! 
Watercult Floral Camo Jungle Swimsuit
Watercult has lovely off the shoulder styles this season

Now that you know all the swimwear neckline secrets to look fabulous in the beach and the pool, it’s time to try them all and compare. What swimwear neckline looks best on you? Which one are you going to try next?


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