A Summer of Something Different: Fashion Swimwear

Gideon Oberson Tribal Bandeau Swimsuit

A few days ago, Glamour Magazine released a list of the 10 dos and don’ts for your fashion swimwear in 2013. There are some very helpful tips in there about staying in style. Like this one… Classic block colours!

The do is to branch out and go for things other than block colours or black. We love classic block colours, but our fellow fashion swimwear lovers over at Glamour have it right. It’s isn’t always about timelessness. Enjoying the patterns and motifs that are in vogue is an absolute pleasure.

So here’s one of our favourite items this season that features complex design and minute detailing. The array of colour is astounding and it does exactly what a swimsuit like this is supposed to do, produce a powerful effect on the eye and draw admirers in. Here’s another one we absolutely love.

Gideon Oberson’s entire collection this year is the epitome of the complex. But this particular item is one of our favourites. It’s rich, primal and full of vitality, the kind of thing Glamour is surely thinking about when it says to break away from block colours this summer.

There’s plenty more for you to feast your eyes on, so why not see our entire collection of fashion swimwear and if you’d like a little more info on our summer trends, click here and subscribe for free.

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