The Infinite Possibilities of the Pareo

Coloured Pareo

The pareo is not a new concept, but it is at its most popular in a very long time. The possibilities of the pareo are nearly endless, and this simple and incredibly versatile design is what makes the pareo so great. It should put this well-proportioned piece of fabric at the top of your list of swimwear accessories. The concept is simple. A rectangular garment that you can tie a number of different ways. That is all the word pareo describes. This sounds simple, and it is. But it makes it the single most useful and versatile item you can buy for your holiday.

The Possibilities Of The Pareo?

So what is it about this simple item that makes it so vital to a beach outfit? It is all about the ways that you can configure it. The possibilities of the pareo is really endless. You can tie it into a scarf or wrap around your head for a shield from the sun. It can be used as a UV protector for your shoulders too. You can wrap a pareo and then use it as a sling for carrying a phone or other small essentials you might want to have with you on the beach.

Because of the ultralight material used in most pareo designs, it can be twisted and wrapped. This means it can be used to make a smaller garment, or unfurled to become much larger. If you thought the shapes were versatile, then think about the it can easily become a simple skirt wrap, a light stole, a long scarf, a head or shoulder wrap. The possibilities of the pareo are as close to infinite as can be. It can be practical, in a way that no other garment can. And it can be beautiful, like all beachwear should be. See our pareos right here.

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