Contrasting And Complimentary, All At The Same Time.

Roidal Genny Bikini in shades of blue and navyIt’s a difficult thing to do, complimenting the rest of your outfit and surrounds whilst contrasting them, but it is certainly possible. Here’s an item from Roidal that’s managed to reach this amazing achievement with their usual brilliance and talent: The Roidal Genny Bikini.

Roidal Genny Bikini is azure blue, a beautiful and classic choice for a bikini. It’s also a remarkably good way to stand out and blend in at the same time. How, you ask? Azure is the colour of the tropical sea, the shade of planet Earth’s most crystal clear waters. It’s gentle and pure and perfectly tranquil, ideal for representing and complimenting the gentle waves and surf of the tropical beaches.

But it’s also a sharp and crisp colour, something that is a startling presence and even more powerful if you wear it away from the coastline and indoors, like at a beachfront bar.

Roidal’s quality should be enough to really show you what this bikini is made of. It’s a bikini design of incredible calibre and it’ll be a fixture of your wardrobe for years to come.

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