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hat are the best fashion trends in swimwear at the moment? What bikini trends should are going to be hot next season? At we always like telling you about the latest fashion trends in swimwear and beachwear. We love fashion and we want to inspire you with our posts about beach style. Whether you are going abroad on summer to enjoy some lovely summer holidays by the sea or you are taking a short cruise, don't forget to read our posts about fashion swimwear. All the information about the upcoming swimwear collections in one section.

  • Leopard Print Sultan Swimsuit
    Fashion,  Reviews

    The Sultan of Swimwear

    Roidal Sultan is more than just a classical print reproduced with care. It really is the Sultan of Swimwear. It is the modern design that will put Roidal ahead of the competition. The design, for the first…

  • Fashion,  Reviews

    Gottex Eva Swimsuit

    Every single season, without fail, Gottex has delivered at least one design that’s a complete jaw dropper. I’d show you last season’s winner, but as expected, it sold out almost immediately. There’s nothing left to show. The…

  • Purple Bandeau bikini and coral bottoms

    Cotton Club Swimwear Brand

    Adding a new brand can be like welcoming a new member of the family. When I’m writing for the Tights Blog, I introduce new brands all the time. UK Tights has over Forty brands now. With swimwear,…