Pain De Sucre Swimwear

Pain de Sucre is one of France's premier swimwear designers for their niche. Namely, for young, hip and laid back people that love quality and have a penchant for Boho. If this is what you look for in swimwear, Pain de Sucre swiwmear is one of the finest producers of fashionable beach garments you could hope to encounter. Let's take a closer look at their collection though.

What Is Pain De Sucre Swimwear All About?

Concentrating on a younger audience, or indeed a young at heart audience, they have crafted a range that is fun and feminine. It is also no less luxurious than Gottex, Roidal and other elite designers, although they tend to aim their works at a very different audience. Pain de Sucre is the designer of choice for young Parisian professionals and those who commonly wear what we term Boho chic. This made include knitted or crocehted swimwear or bikinis that are heavily decorated with classic and exotic patterns liike paisley. Pain de Sucre swimwear has been impressing their contemporaries and leading their industry for many years on these fronts, concentrating on the more youthful wing of the swimwear audience.

What Makes Pain De Sucre So Amazing?

This designer doesn't just concentrate on looks, they are also a name that is synonymous with quality. Being based in Paris, they have so much in a way of an advantage when it comes to designing incredible swimwear. They are surrounded by garment makers that they can source talent from and can easily visit factories and workshops to try out new and wonderful prototype pieces. And of course there is the intangible benefit of inspiration. Incredible amounts of inspiration can be had from working in a place where you are surrounded by beauty. Pain de Sucre bikinis take inspiration from the beautiful fashion of France, by the architecture around them, by their contemporaries and by anything that might catch their eye and act as a muse. Thanks to all this, they are superb at creating fashion that is on point and superb no matter what.

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