Nikki Cooke Swimwear

Nikki Cooke is one of the youngest designers out there and one of the newest names in the UK Swimwear family. Nikki Cooke’s recently launched collection is one that's quite different to their contemporaries. When most designers debut their first collections, they are eager to make a splash and they often open with a huge range of items. But when Nikki Cooke first released their range, they had just a handful of designs to choose from. Was this the naive first time approach to making a fashion collection, or a daring and bold attempt to do a collection of swimwear on their own terms? We are quite confident it is the latter.

The Nikki Cooke Brand

Nikki Cooke approached their first collection in this way because the team behind this brand knows that if you concentrate on quantity, you soon run out of steam. Nikki Cooke is committed to creating something excellent and the small range that they have released is a flawless one because of that commitment. No space in their look book is wasted and their overall range is a robust and healthy one for it. Although their range was never really exceeded more than a handful of swimsuits and bikinis, get a Nikki Cooke swimwear design for yourself and you can tell where that time and attention went, namely in the fit and quality of the item that makes it such a pleasure to wear. You can find some of these incredible items from Nikki Cooke for yourself, right here at UK Swimwear.

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