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Miradonna by Miraclesuit is a brand we are very excited about. But what is it about Miradonna we like so much? What is it that is so wonderful? Let's take a look.

What Makes Miradonna By Miraclesuit So Great?

This designer is the fashionable wing of Miraclesuit, the world's best name for support swimwear and compression swimwear. Nobody does shaping swimwear better than Miraclesuit and we absolutely adore their items here at UK Swiwmear, so to see this new sister brand turn up is wonderful. Miradonna is beautifully well made, as we would expect from their parent company. And it is stunningly designed for style as well as for shaping your body. Many people will say that any designers that can make a really great item of fashion swimwear cannot possibly design something that's technically brilliant as well. The jack of all trades, as they say. But it's an entirely different case with Miraclesuit. Because they have been making practical and technical items for so many years, they are already way ahead in this area. They have been making the very best compression swimwear and have been tuning them and upgrading them carefully for a long time. This has made the resulting range of theirs one of the best in the world at what it does, if not the pinnacle. And because they are so far ahead of their competition when it comes to support, they can put so much more than the usual amount of time and effort into the fashion side of their new collections. That is what Miradonna by Miraclesuit is all about. They like to shift attention away from just the ability to slim your figure and moving it towards the style of the swimsuit. After all, there is little point in making your figure more sculpted or slimmer and then having a plain old block colour swimsuit on.

Where Does Miradonna By Miraclesuit Get Its Inspiration From?

Miradonna takes inspirations from nature and takes a cue from the man made world on occasion to create a synthesis that is truly imaginative. Rather than just your average floral print or a plain pattern, they blend the best elements together possible and create something truly stunning and original. It seems that their extra efforts at fashions swimwear paid off, as this design house knows how to really make something that is as beautiful as a fashion design that has been doing the same job for many years more.

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