Lidea Swimwear

Lidea is one particular designer of swimwear and beachwear that we really appreciate being a part of our family. It has been one of our closest collaborators of all time with Lidea being a brand that is really interested in hearing what the consumer has to say and what the retailer wants from their swimwear. It has also been one of our most precious and closest relationships for many years because of this. It is also one of the earliest designers brought into the UK Swimwear family, which has only grown even closer thanks to our continued cooperation with them for so long. This seniority certainly plays a big part in how loved and cherished the brand is. But it is not everything that is needed to make great swimwear. Luckily Lidea has so much more to offer.

Designer Swimwear From Lidea

Lidea Swimwear’s skill and talent in making designer swimsuits, bikinis and other types of swimwear is considerable. It is one of the biggest factors in how quickly they have become so integral to our collection. Part of their talent comes from the influence of their parent company. Who is that exactly? Well, they are run by the Maryan Mehlhorn Group. This is one of the most respected haute couture names in the world of swimwear. This elite collection of designers makes some of the finest swimwear anywhere and as we all know, when you are surrounded by great designers and talented clothing makers, your own work flourishes. You are inspired to do greater and greater work when you have so many amazing mavericks around you. This is certainly the case with Lidea, as each season we see the creative fingerprint of their parent company. Lidea brings that same level of quality and beauty to their own work because of their close collaborative relationship with their partners. Lidea swimwear is consistently some of the best fitting swimwear and more technically accomplished designs in the industry and yet, unlike so many other names in the industry that concentrate on getting the right fit, they haven’t lost the creative touch either. Lidea swimwear is a collection of astonishingly imaginative designs that look beautiful, from one season to the next, year after year.

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