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Freya is one of the most well known and interesting swimwear brands around right now and an instant hit with our customers. Founded in 1998, Freya is part of the Wacoal group, specialists in making lingerie and swimwear. Founded in Japan, they have a very interesting and unique approach to designing items of underwear that you might not expect from a Japanese brand. Namely, Freya started out by designing bras in larger cup sizes, going up to and H cup in some ranges and even a K cup in others. This is unusual for a Japanese brand, as the Far East is known for its people having a slighter figure and an almost elven appearance, but there is an explanation.

Freya lingerie wanted to create items for the international market, as Wacoal has about half a dozen brands under its umbrella, and so many of these cover their home market very well. The parent company wanted to expand all over the world, and to do that they needed a new identity. Freya swimwear is no different, with a Nordic name and mostly European models, people started to see this brand as suitable for their body type, without expected the classic confusion of ordering an item only to find it far smaller than you imagined. This can be common in the Far East when designers bring their items to Europe and the US. Designers like Muji, Uniqlo and the infamous raw denim brands of the '90s like Evisu all had challenges with sizing their items for the world wide market, but Freya are nothing if not a clever collection of talented people, dedicated to their goals.

Freya swimwear captures this spirit of dedication and consideration in design perfectly. Their work has, since 1998, become some of the most respected in their industry. So is their swimwear range similar to the lingerie collections they have produced in the past? Yes, in many ways they are. Freya swimwear is made for the woman who needs a bigger bust but not necessarily a larger size in anything else. If you have an average figure but a bigger than average bust, then getting a good fit is often harder than getting a good fit as a plus sized lady or a petite woman. The size is not the issue, in other words, but consistency is. If this is the problem you ordinarily face, then you might want to look into a design from Freya. With their range as expansive as any purely fashion orientated swimwear designer, and with the quality of anything you would expect from an almost household name in swimwear fashion, Freya is the perfect brand for many women out there.

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