Damella Swimwear

Damella, more officially known by their full name of Damella of Sweden, are a Swedish brand of swimwear. They have become one of the most amazingly well loved designers of bikinis and swimsuits in the world over the past 80 years. So what has made them so amazing and why should you take a lokk at Damella Swimwear?

What Makes Damella Swimwear So Great?

One of the reasons for this popularity is just this, that Damella has such a pedigree and has been around for so very long. Eight decades is a long time to get good at something. That doesn't just go for individuals either. Designers, like people, get better and more talented over time. Clothing designers are one of the best examples of this. Savile Row is the perfect case study for companies that insist on excellence over a very long time. Savile Row have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the best reputation, attract the finest talent and gain the most nuanced understand of how your clothing should be made, no matter the type. The result is astounding in all the cases you can think of, and Damella swimsuits are no different. Young brands are great when it comes to passion and drive. They really are the qualities that epitomize the life of entrepreneurs and young designers. So what is their range about excatly?

What Is Damella Swimwear All About?

Damella makes mostly for women with only a small menswear range. That heavy concentration is yet another reason they have been so successful, by sticking to one thing and making it as superb and well made as possible. But they are by no means just a one trick pony either. Damella makes bikinis, swimsuits, beachwear accessories and also has a lingerie range over at our sister site UK Lingerie. Their collection for each is as extensive as it is high quality and stylish. Damella of Sweden have one of the biggest ranges of swimwear we've ever seen. This is unusual for a designer as each designer picks a type of clothing and sticks to that and that alone. But Damella is more than just a fashion swimwear designer, they make every kind of swimwear imaginable. And that kind of breadth is a rare thing, especially when you see the amazing number of designs and the quality of each new piece they release. And that is the most amazing part about Damella, their quality that they maintain throughout all of this. They say that the the Scandinavian countries make some of the highest quality clothing in the world.

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